The Red Foundation: Emergency Dachshund Rescue U.K.

Jordan Crosse

Frankie & Dottie’s are pleased to announce that we have partnered with The Red Foundation, a charity who are dedicated to emergency Dachshund rescue in the U.K.

The Red foundation was founded in 2017 when the Dachshund community came together to raise funds to rescue & spay an 18 month old female Dachshund named Red. Red was being sold at a very low price, advertising the fact she was unspayed. Unsettled by the idea of her going into puppy farming, the team fundraised the money to buy and spay Red.

The increase in popularity of Dachshunds over recent years has seen puppy farming become a huge problem in the U.K., and unfortunately resulted in more and more dogs requiring new homes.

The team behind the rescue of Red decided that they could be doing more to help these dogs and so The Red Fund has now become an emergency ongoing fundraiser to be able to get Dachshunds out of this situation more regularly.


“Our primary mission at The Red Foundation is to protect the health and well-being of every dog in our care, and this is very important to us. We are also advocates of the breed and take our role as social educators very seriously. After an adoption has taken place, we don’t simply walk away from them. We provide lifetime support to all of our adopters, and we stay in contact with them for the life of the dog.”


Many of the rescued dogs are often traumatised, insecure and sometimes they have also been physically abused. 

If you see any dachshund being advertised suspiciously, please do contact The Red Foundation as they will try and help.

They have a team of fosters where the dachshund can go immediately to be spayed or neutered and their health assessed: homes are then vetted before the dachshund is adopted.


For more information, please visit their website:


If you can’t offer to foster or adopt, please consider fundraising or donating! They are currently running a fundraiser called the VIP100 - looking for 100 people to commit to raising £100 before the 20th December.

You can donate directly to


10% of the profits from every sale of our Silly Sausage T-shirt will be donated to The Red Foundation. 

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