Welcome to Frankie & Dottie’s

Jordan Crosse

Welcome to Frankie & Dottie’s: the luxury loungewear brand for dog lovers. 


When we got Frankie back in December 2017, we made her an instagram account as a way of documenting her life for our friends and family to see, and also as fond memories for us that we could look back on. Of course, we couldn’t leave out Dottie, so 8 months later, the account became frankie_dottie_dachshund. Honestly, we couldn’t have predicted their popularity and we feel privileged that so many people from around the world want to see the lives and story of our baby girls.


Owning our own business is something that both Sarah and I have always wanted to do and since owning Dachshunds, we’ve both wanted to do something dog related. We’ve had loads of ideas including greetings cards, accessories, dog jumpers, coats, and dog themed cafes. But one thing that has stood out to us is that we’ve never been able to find consistently branded apparel and accessories for dog lovers like us. There are definitely a lot of options out there, but nothing that reinforces that perfect "dog parent" lifestyle and special connection that we have with Frankie & Dottie. Sure, I might buy a cheesy “Dachvengers” (Avengers with Dachshunds on 🤦🏻‍♂️) or “DogFather” T-shirt and wear it a couple of times (much to Sarah’s chagrin). But I would much rather own a high quality T-shirt or jumper or hoodie with exciting branding and luxury designs, that I’m going to be proud to wear, and which won’t get designated as a scruffy bedtime top or home decoration garment. And that’s how we thought of the idea for Frankie & Dottie’s.


Originally, the brand was going to be based around Dachshunds: after all, we own two cheeky sausages and everybody loves Daxies. So that was a great idea until we thought: well we’ve both not always had Dachshunds, have we? I grew up with Boxers and Sarah has had Great Danes and Labradors. And we’ve loved them all, because dogs are the best no matter what breed you own. We love seeing our friends Labradors and Rottweilers and Golden Retrievers just as much as they love seeing Frankie & Dottie. And if we had another breed in our life, we’d both still be searching for the perfect brand that captures our love of dogs.


All you need is love and a dog: the message that we want to spread at Frankie & Dottie’s. We hope that everyone can connect with our story in some way and that you enjoy your time shopping with us. 


  • Posted by Chantelle on

    I have been a fan of Frankie and Dottie’s IG page for a long time and now I’m excited to see your new store!!! Look forward to when you can ship to the United States!!! Please keep us posted when we can buy and have items shipped to the USA. Thanks so much and CONGRATULATIONS again!! Wishing you much success!!! Sincerely, Chantelle (aka, Foley (the Jack Russell Terrier’s mom) :)

  • Posted by Tracy ANderson on

    Good luck in your New (ad) Venture!!!
    Tracy and Pepperoni x

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