How To: Create your own Easter Wreath like a pro

Jordan Crosse

We’ve teamed up with local florist and female business owner Rozz Darlington from Rosaline’s flowers to take you through a step by step of how to create this beautiful easter wreath below.

 Hand made Easter Wreath

With Spring round the corner, decorating your front door with a beautiful homemade wreath is great way to bring in the new season. Why not make the wreath with friends and family over Zoom with a glass of fizz or cup of tea!

We’ve provided a list of useful links to some specifics you will need to recreate this wreath, but if you don’t want to collect your own foliage and DIY bits, why not order a wreath kit direct from Rosaline herself? Head over to to fill in the enquiry form and order yours in time for Easter!

Before we get into it, we wanted to introduce you to Rozz from Rosaline’s flowers, based in Crewe, Cheshire, Rozz set up her own business only a couple of years ago and it has now bloomed into her full time job and she is inundated with orders, including her new postal flower box service! If you want to keep up to date with Rozz’s latest creations follow her on Facebook and Instagram @rosalinesflowers


 What you will need: 

Easter Wreath Flat lay 

  • 10 or 12 inch flat wreath ring
  • A roll of binding wire or twine - this is to secure the moss and foliage to your wreath base.
  • Twine - to tie off the top of the wreath, so you can hang it on your door.
  • Moss - A bag of mulch moss. This will be tied onto the wreath ring to create a base for your foliage and flowers. |Moss holds moisture so provides longevity for your fresh foliage and flowers. You can collect this from your garden or order some floristry moss online. You can also purchase wreaths with moss already attached (see links at the bottom of this post)
  • Foliage - You can use pretty foliage from your garden, it must be a hardy foliage – the more variety and texture the nicer it looks or head to a flower market or local florist for some particular stems.
  • Spring flowers - These can be cut from your garden too, or head to a florist for the perfect pick. We used a handful of hellebores.
  • Accessories - mini nests, eggs, feathers, twisted sticks
  • Scissors - to cut your twine and foliage
  • Glue - to secure accessories to the wreath



  1. Place your foliage in a bucket of water, let it have a good drink…. Why don’t you get a drink too! You are now going to get the twine, choose a tying place on the wreath and tie a double knot. This is how you will hang your wreath.
  2. Attaching the moss - Fasten one end of the reel of wire to the ring. Place a fist sized bundle of moss onto the ring and start to wrap the wire around the moss in a circular fashion. Keep the wire taut and continue working the wire round the ring , adding more moss bundles until completely covered.

Wreath with moss on

3. Time to secure the foliage and flowers! First make a pattern with your foliage and flowers, the last thing you want is to run out of a certain foliage which makes your wreath look incomplete, start to get the feel of your pattern and style. I cut my foliage to a nice size. Keep all your foliage roughly the same size this will give your wreath a nice form, make sure you strip the foliage off the bottom of the stem (about an inch). Add one piece at a time in the same direction and secure it with a single wrap of wire. Overlap the foliage to ensure no moss is visible and continue until the whole ring is covered. Once you have completed foliaging your wreath you should be back round to your tying point, hopefully you haven’t wired the twine in, if you have you can easily pull it back out. 


4. To finish - cut the binding wire leaving approx 6cm, and poke it through the moss base and the wire frame, pull it tight do this a couple of times to make sure it’s secure. Poke the end back through the moss to look neat and tidy. 



5. Decorating - It’s the EXTRA fun part now!!! You get too accessorise. Make sure your tying point is at the top of the table as if it would be hanging on the door. Place your accessories on the wreath, choose your style, be creative, have some fun. We used mini nests, eggs, feathers and sticks. Using some liquid glue, blob a small amount onto the back of each accessory and hold to secure onto the wreath. Allow to dry for a few minutes before hanging your wreath on your door! 



6. Share your pictures - Want to show off your amazing creations? Don’t forget to tag us @frankieanddotties and @rosalinesflowers in your Easter wreaths.


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