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Here at F&D, we understand that, just like for us hoomans, there isn't a one size fits all approach when it comes to measuring and fitting your dog. One of the reasons that we created F&D was to create products for our very own Frankie & Dottie, as their unique size and shape is extremely difficult to buy for, being such tiny pooches. 
As such, you may find that an example breed we have given does not match the size of your own dog and that your own pup may need a size smaller or larger than listed due to the variance of size among breeds. The measurements given below are based on the size of the clothing, and you should try and match as closely as possible to your own dogs measurements. We've given some hints before each product as our tees, jumpers and hoods all have slightly different fits. Here are some general tips to take in to account:
  • Number 1 and most importantly: Never force your dog into clothing that they don't want to wear as this may cause unnecessary distress.
  • Our dog clothing is designed to keep smaller breeds and short/fine haired dogs warm in cold weather. It's important to remember that, while our F&D products are super stylish and fashionable, the main purpose should be for keeping your pet warm, clean and dry.
  • Always keep your dog under supervision while they are wearing clothing: chewing and ingesting the fabric can be extremely dangerous for their stomach and intestinal health.
  • Like a collar, the fit shouldn't be too tight, to allow natural freedom of movement and range of motion. 
If you have any questions about sizing or fit, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us and we will always be happy to help your pooch find their perfect fit. We offer free returns and exchanges on all of our products - simply get in contact with us at