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Our Story

 Our names are Jordan and Sarah, the team behind Frankie & Dottie’s and this is our story. 

Growing up, we both always had dogs in our lives, they were part of the family. In 2017, shortly after moving in together, we brought home Frankie, our first Miniature Dachshund and she became our world. Small but sassy, she changed our lives for the better, introducing us to the crazy world of being a Dachshund owner. 

We didn’t stop at one, eight months later and along came Dottie, Frankie’s full sister. It was the best decision we ever made and the rest is history.

 Here at Frankie & Dottie’s, we want to reinforce the strong bond between human and canine. After all, they are called man’s best friend for a reason! Whether it’s taking them to a cafe for brunch, chasing after them through a muddy field, or just snuggling up on the sofa with them after a long day, your dog is your world.

Our mission is to express our universal love of dogs in our products. After all, they deserve it.

 The idea for Frankie & Dottie’s originated from our struggle to find consistent, high quality products that we’d want to wear or have in our homes. Whilst there are certainly some great products out there, we couldn’t find any one particular brand that we could really connect with.

Inspired by our own Frankie & Dottie, we set out to create a lifestyle brand that captures that special connection between you and your dog. 

Let’s celebrate dogs for all those who are as madly in love with them as we are.


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that chooses to shop at Frankie & Dottie’s: we hope that you connect with us and our story, and enjoy our products as much as we do.