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Dachshund named Frankie stood looking up at owner

 Job Title: CEO

About: Small but sassy, Frankie is the boss and always gets her own way. She loves going in the car to explore new walks, but hates the rain and will do robot legs when her paws are wet. Barks at the postman everyday, but then thinks every delivery is for her.
Nicknames: Princess, Nu-nu
Fun Fact: Possibly one of the tiniest miniatures around, Frankie always gets told how small she is on walks. She makes up for it with the size of her bark. 🐾

Dachshund named Dottie sat in leaves

Job Title: Assistant Manager & Quality Control
About: The next litter on, Dottie is Frankie’s full sister with the same pawrents. She is a Dapple like her dad, and loves a cuddle. Nicknamed after Pumba from The Lion King, she will do anything for treatos.
Nicknames: Pumba, Truffle, Squish
Fun Fact: Will nibble your face, eyebrows and beard for food when she is hungry. When she is fed, she goes straight back to sleep. 🐷💤

Job Title: Creative & Social 
About: Grew up in Cheshire, and had 2 Great Danes growing up. Now at the opposite end of the spectrum with the 2 tiniest Sausage Dogs.
Fun Fact: Takes amazing photographs and creates delicious recipes over on @Sarahshealthykitchen 📸

Job Title: Chief Picker, Packer and Postman
About: Originally from Nottinghamshire, Jordan grew up with plenty of Boxer dogs and a Cocker Spaniel. Now the ultimate Dog Dad to 2 pampered pooches.
Fun Fact: Plays Touch Rugby for England 🏉