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Compostable Pet Wipes

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Compostable Pet Wipes infused with natural ingredients!

We've teamed up with Adios Plastic to bring you zero waste, home-compostable pet wipes made from plant based materials.

Each pack contains 25 wipes. Specially formulated to use on pets, these wipes are safe to use around the eyes, nose, paws... and bum! Each wipe is approx. 150 x 185mm.

- 100% Home compostable & Biodegradable
- Made from non-genetically modified cornstarch
- Free from harsh chemicals
- Hypoallergenic
- Packaging is also 100% kerbside recyclable
- Will naturally breakdown in 3-6 months 

Although these wipes will naturally decompose and release no harmful toxins into the environment when thrown in a regular bin, it's always better to use a disposal method that will not go to landfill. For full information on how to dispose, see their FAQ here.